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How do I get rid of Spamhaus ZEN blacklist?

Spamhaus is an international nonprofit organization. It aims to protect our emails from computer malware and other computer-related security threats such as and not limited to phishing, botnets, and spams. This organization collaborates with the law enforcement forces of various countries to pursue and identify the various malware and spam sources worldwide and hand-in-hand with different internet network providers by providing them up-to-date information and highly confidential cybersecurity threat intelligence to them. Its security functions protect a vast number of users around the globe. The data gathered by the organization’s investigators were used by different institutions, from schools up to the government military forces. In this article, you will know about the Zen Blacklist, its relation with the Spamhaus organization, and the most important topic of all. How will you get rid of Zen Blacklist if you would find out you are listed. However, before getting to the part of teaching walking, you step-by-step on how to get rid of it; let us first talk about what is it and what is the purpose for which it is created?

What is DNSBL filtering?

It will also benefit you if you can grasp or understand the concept of DNSBL filtering as this is where the services of the Spamhaus organization, especially Zen Blacklist, mainly revolves. DNSBL advisory system plays the role of providing an opinion on whether or not an IP address abides or meets the Spamhaus’ regulating policy to be accepted to an email. To make a shorter description of the process of the DNSBL filtering:

  • The flow begins by the sender sending a message to the receiver;
  • The message will flow through the internet;
  • The receiver will receive the message;
  • Which will then ask the Spamhaus filters if the sender’s IP address meets its standard policy.
  • Spamhaus will answer the question
  • All messages rejected by the Spamhaus filters will then be directed to the Junk folder or Spam folder.

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Zen Blacklist: Overview

Zen Blacklist is one of the Spamhaus listings. It is a DSBL (Domain Name System Block List), the other blocklist of the Spamhaus organization. Zen Blacklist’s components are a combination of various DSBL’s also such as SBL (Spamhaus Block List), XBL (Exploits Block List), and PBL (Policy Block List). The combination of its fellow DNSBLs made Zen a powerful blocklist making query faster and simpler. Since it is a combination of IP blocklist, Zen requires that it be the only Spamhaus DNSBL in your blocklist configuration. Using it together with other Spamhaus blacklists will only serve as a waste of your time as it will slow down your mail queue. Zen blacklist is a public-based blocklist of the Spamhaus. It is responsible for identifying and rejecting a majority percentage of the daily mail traffic. Even though all modern mail servers can use it, not everyone can access its services that easily. It is only free of charge for low volume non-commercial use. It is advisable to refer to the DNSBL’s usage terms to see if you qualify to use it for free before including it as your mail server’s spam filter. The use of Spamhaus services by corporations or institutions who have a considerable amount of email traffic on a daily basis is required to make a subscription to either the Data Feed Service or the Data Query Service.

How to get rid of the Zen Blacklist, if you are ever listed.

To get rid of your record of the Zen Blacklist, you may follow these easy steps:

  • First, click on the link provided to be directed to the Spamhaus’ Blocklist Removal Center.
  • After you are directed to the Removal Center, you will see a separate taskbar for IP Address and the Domain. Now, for the Zen blacklist, you only need to use the IP Address lookup tool.
  • Input your IP Address to the respective lookup tool. If you do not know what an IP address is, do not worry; just scan the page, and you will see two bulleted items just beside the lookup tool. These two items, if clicked, will direct you:
    – The first item, “How Blocklists Work,” to the page explaining how DNSBL works for your mail server; and
    – The second item, “What is an IP Address,” to the Spamhaus’ FAQs and its Glossary of things and the term IP address.
  • After entering your IP Address, the “Blocklist Lookup Results” will appear. These results will show you if your IP Address is “Not Listed” or “Listed.” If “Listed,” it will tell you which blocklist will provide the link to the exact record.
  • By following the link provided, the page will explain the reason why your IP address is listed on the specified blocklist, together with the procedure of how to remove it from such a list. The page also provides a brief explanation regarding the specific blocklist you are on for further understanding.
  • After completing all the required steps for the procedure, you will be unlisted from the blocklist.

The Spamhaus organization provides detailed documentation for easier understanding of its users, from the background of its blocklists, its purpose, up to the procedure on how to remove if ever you will be included in it. It is truly a concise chest of information structured for even laymen like us.

Spamhaus ZEN – Now we know

The word Zen as an origin of the name does not mean anything. It was named after the Spamhaus founder Steven Lindford’s German Shepherd, which, when you think of it, actually makes sense, as it guards the users’ networks and servers as it protects the founder.

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