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How to delist from CASA CBL

The China Antipas Alliance Composite blocking list (CASA CBL) platform

CBL basics
A composite blocking list abbreviated as CBL is just a database having lists of email services that are highly suspected of being involved in malicious use of internet resources. This could be those that lead to one’s computer programs being infected with either a malware or viruses. Platforms that apply or use cbl are in most cases DNS based which means that they most likely deal with IP addresses since a DNS system is used to transform domain names into IP addresses. There a great lot of such platforms. The one that is considered in details here the china ant spam alliance cbl (CASA CBL). This article lays a strong emphasis on how to delist from CASA CBL.

Cbl victims

Like already said, cbl blacklists deals with IP addresses. These IP addresses range from those which have committed serious crimes to cost someone of their business to even those that may lead to someone losing s few coins in their accounts. All these are however gross criminal activities and one is likely to be charged in a court of law. Sometimes these platform make errors and list some IP addresses that may not have been involved usually accidentally or may someone else may have accessed and used their IP addresses in a manner that is leads to them being enlisted. Not to worry so much because there is usually a way on how to delist from CASA CBL or whatever cbl platform that might have enlisted you in their platform. Most implicated IP addresses include those that:

  • Belonging to seemingly harmless programs that are malicious otherwise known as Trojan horses
  • Some form of web robots used to send spam
  • Open proxies
  • Self-driven viruses

How comes you are enlisted?
Cbl lists individuals who have acquired viruses. Viruses can easily be acquired while using the web. For example when you download a file or some emails may have viruses. Viruses are malicious, which means that they have potential to cause a certain computer to malfunction.sometimes it might not be a virus but a botnet. These are a series of computers that which sure connected to the internet and can be modified to cause harm or send spam to other computers. These are some of the reasons why you have been listed. When we go into specific platforms, they consider several aspects before enlisting. For instance CASA CBL may list an IP address if they receive spam from it.

CASA CBL serves as very good example of a cbl platform. We consider it here in great details in terms of how it works and how to delist from CASA CBL database. It is a platform that has origins as far as 2003 and maintains a group of four blacklist database. These are designated as CBL, CDL, CBL+ and CBL-. This represents the 4 main blacklist categories kept by CASA CBL blacklist:

  1. China spam blacklist(CBL)
    This database holds a list of habitual spam senders at an IP address level.
  2. China conservation spam blacklist(CBL-)
    The CBL- databases holds a limited list of spammers compared to all the other databases.
  3. China integrated spam blacklist(CBL+)
    This is a more complex database compared to the CBL- databases. It holds a list of the earlier mentioned habitual spammers as well as a list of some IP addresses in china that are referred to as dynamic.
  4. The china dynamic address list(CDL)
    This database is a simpler version of the CBL+ database since it is more limited in terms of coverage. It actually holds IP addresses localized within china. They IP addresses that are listed have been referred to as dynamic. Their fate usually is to be blocked because in normal situation, no such IP addresses sends emails.

How to delist from such CASA CBL therefore can be quite cumbersome due to this complexity in its databases.

Key facts about CASA CBL
The obvious fact about CASA CBL is right in its name, that is, it is a china based platform. It has a wide coverage in china and this is important because if you are thinking on how to delist from CASA CBL, this will be of great concern. Question you would most likely ask yourself are like, am I within china? Another great fact that should not be overemphasized is the fact that CASA CBL exclusively lists IP addresses of the involved servers and not the domain names like other similar platforms dealing with spam emails. We have also mentioned several categories that one who has been listed is likely to fall in. such include having dynamic IP address or sending spam for example. This is a unique quality of CASA CBS especially if one wants to delist from their databases. Still, very crucial is the fact CASA CBL does not seem to have the common issues that are very high in other platforms. It is actually a near perfect platform that serves its client diligently. Finally, CASA CBL does not have any effect on any products and simply leaves everything as it was.

How CASA CBL work

CASA CBL like any other cbl platform has a unique way in which it operates but usually employees the same principle. A notable feature is that the databases requires that one resolves the underlying problem before requesting to be delisted. Otherwise it may prove problematic removing your address in the future and one may continue receiving spam. So here is how you can delist form CASA BL. One simply goes to their website and look up if they are listed. Once the result are out and positive, there is usually an accompanying set of instruction on how to remove. You may be required to have the machine test again if the IP address has been cleared so as to be sure. The process is a bit complicated and little information is actually known about how it operates. This generally serves to make sure that spammers are kept at bar and do not find their way to their and make things worse. This is basically information you may require especially if you are considering how to delist from CASA CBL.
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