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How to delist from HIL2

To answer the question of how to delist from HIL2, first, what is a blacklist? A blacklist can be seen as a list of email addresses, IP addresses or blocked domains. When one of these makes it to a blacklist, it becomes impossible for the owner of the email address, IP address or domain to send or receive messages. The servers that rely on these blacklists make sure the IP addresses become blocked.

Researches show that due to the number of emails being sent every day (since people do not use conventional letters), there is a high amount of spam emails sent every day. These large amounts of spam mails mean it is challenging to sort out the emails manually to detect spam emails. Hence, the invention of blacklists of IP addresses and mail servers to check the increasing activities of internet fraudsters.

How do I confirm I am on the blacklist before I find out how to delist from HIL2?

Available on the internet are various tools that can gain access to many blacklist databases, and their job is to run the suspected email, domain or IP address across the databases to see if the IP address is present on any. If by any chance, you find your IP address listed on any of them, there is no need to worry because sometimes, even legal activities can be added to the blacklist of a particular site for reasons that may be unknown to the user. The various databases that can run these checks include SUCURI, Hetrix Tools, Blacklists by MX Toolbox, Black List Alert, WebSite Pulse, Invaluement, Ultra Tools, Google Safe Browsing, to mention but a few.

How did my IP address get on the HIL2 list?

To solve the question, how to delist from HIL2, one needs to know how the IP address got on the list. It should be said that the hundreds of blacklists online have different criteria for populating their blacklists, but the three primary rules for getting on the HIL2 blacklist are:

Policies and restrictions: It is no longer news that in some cases, HIL2 blacklists countries and some internet service providers (ISPs) due to some changes in policy. IF an IP address falls within this region, it is sure to be affected, and emails may not be sent. However, these kinds of blacklist are more likely to be solved faster than others.

Issues due to technicalities: These technicalities may arise from errors in DNS records, server configurations, inappropriate headings, trying to connect with other servers illegally, irrelevant emails sent, resending of mails to the same address, etc. These are mostly caused by the presence of a malware or computer virus in the system. It may be unknown to the user, but HIL2 won’t be able to ask, so it takes the appropriate action for the safety of other users.

Suspicion of spam messages being sent: The use of words that can trigger spam are supposed to be filtered by spam filters. Some users do not know this, but the IP address can be blocked just from using certain words. Also sending spam messages can get an IP address blocked. Once the HIL2 detects that an IP address is being used to send spam messages, it gets blocked instantly. There is an increase in spam messages being sent all over the world because of the high usage of emails and the subsequent irrelevance of letters, so the HIL2 and other sites work hard to try to protect emails users from receiving such messages.

How do I get my IP address, domain or email off the HIL2 list?

If your IP address makes it to a smaller blacklist, there is a chance you can still send and receive messages occasionally. Still, if you make it to a bigger list like HIL2, it could seriously hamper your chances of using that IP address for communication with other people or companies.

If you believe you should not be blacklisted but find yourself on the HIL2 blacklist, the question would be how to delist from HIL2.

Domain name system blacklists (DNSBLs) usually have clear instructions on how to delist from HIL2. The process is known as delisting. It involves contacting operators of the blacklist and requesting a withdrawal of your IP address from their list. Some domain name system blacklists have automated processes that could solve the problem within a week or two. However, an IP address that has been listed multiple times or is seen to have sent a more significant number of spam emails may take longer or even end up on a permanent blacklist, rendering that IP address, domain or email useless.

If I get blocked and decide to use another IP address to send and receive mails?

It was stated earlier, some people get blocked and do not have a clear reason why it is so. It could be as a result of some of the reasons stated below, or even some that were not stated in this article. So, getting blocked and using a new IP address to send or receive mails is not actually a bad idea. But how about finding out why your IP address was actually blocked in the first place. It does not take much, and the advantage to it is you won’t get blocked for that particular reason when you find out. So, if your IP address was blacklisted by HIL2, instead of looking for a new IP address, it is always advisable to find out why you were blacklisted and more importantly, how to delist from HIL2.

Are there other blacklists I should look out for?

There are other blacklists apart from HIL or HIL2 that blacklists suspicious domains, emails or IP addresses. They include XBL exploits Block List, Spamhaus Block list (SBL), Composite Blocking List (CBL), Spamcop, HostKarma Black, Barracuda, Passive Spam Block List, SenderScore, and Invaluement.
So when next you get blocked by blacklisting sites, especially HIL2, ask the right question how to delist from HIL2 and make the right move.

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