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How to delist from ZapBL

Get to know how to delist from ZapBL

Getting to know how to delist from ZapBL is a process can bring a difference in how you perceive it. Some people view it as simple while others, as complicated. The perception arises due to your level of knowledge of Information Technology. This article outlines the information about it. It is at the end of this article that you chose which side you want to take. Before getting to highlight how to delist from ZapBL, you might want to know what ZapBL is.

What is ZapBL?

It is a blacklist composed of IP addresses that some people block in order not to receive mail from. The people who do this are ZapBL administrators and others who use the ZapBL blacklist.

How emails end up in the blacklist

There are as many blacklists as the situation demands. Blacklists use different criteria for listing the IP addresses of email spammers. Accomplishing this process is through several factors. These factors could be but not limited to: technical, policy, and evidence-based. A closer look at the factors reveals the following information.


Listings of this nature occur due to issues with the mail server configuration. It could either be missing or incorrect reverse DNS records in the server. Other issues could be either missing or incorrect banner greetings. Mail servers operating in the range of suspicious range of IP addresses could also trigger this problem.


This eventuality is procedural. One of the procedures could be that the receiving server is set not to receive email from either certain countries or Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This realization would occur if the country or ISPs have a habit of not accepting “unsubscribe” requests from users.


In this scenario, history plays a role. It is a matter of prior observation. If the server receives SPAM or emails with malicious content, then it reports the activity and a condition that is in place stops any future mail that may come with the outlined conditions.

While you keep on reading and following issues on blacklisting, it might be an oversight that we take it for granted that all the folks out there understand what blacklisting is. After having gone through the factors that contribute to blacklisting, it is prudent that you get to know the indicators of a blacklisting.

Indicators of blacklisting

The process of getting to know if your IP address is in blacklist or not is not manifest until you use communication software like email and many others. When using your computer or laptop that happens to be a stand-alone, you will not know if there is a problem existing. The only time you will get to know this is when you use your system to communicate with others.

The first indicator of a blacklist is the malfunctioning of outgoing emails. What happens is the fact that you will keep on sending emails but, they keep on bouncing back.

The second indicator is the malfunctioning of incoming emails. People will keep on telling you that they are sending you emails but you do not receive them.

Types of blacklisting

There are two known types of blacklisting. The small and major one. The small one has a little impact on your operations. It does not affect your deliverability. It is something that you can handle and life moves on.

The major one, has serious implications. The implications are so serious that you now start talking about how to delist from ZapBL.

How to delist from ZapBL

There are several steps that you have to take to handle the process of how to delist from ZapBL. The steps are,

After you identify the blacklist, look for and visit its website. Once there, you have to do a lookup of your IP address. This process will be a little technical as it does not display your email address, but the IP address that you use to access the internet to access your email.

If all goes well, you will find a reason for the blacklisting against your IP address. Once you confirm this fact, then you click on a link that will display for you the steps to take to resolve the issues that the blacklist will outline for you. For instance, there might be pointing towards correcting both forward and reverse DNS records and the other crucial configuration settings. All this procedure cannot be undertaken by a layman, it is too technical.

The final step is to check all your software and learn that all the configuration is fine and the running of the software is in order. Install all the software updates to make sure that the system is stable.

After completion of all the above steps, you need to go back to the blacklist site to do the final task. The first part of solving the problem is from your side and you should have done it by following the three steps above. The final task is to follow instructions that will be on the blacklisting website on how to remove your IP address.

There are two ways on how to remove an IP address from a blacklist. They are,

Self-removal service
as the name suggests, there is no problem in removing the IP address from the blacklist in this way. But you have to take care that blacklisting does not recur as this will present a lot of problems in removing it.

Time-based removal
The time-based removal is a built-in feature. If the configuration is fine, then it does wonders for you. It acts, removing IP addresses with light offenses in a period spanning a week or two. But, if the IP address has heavy offenses, then the period will be longer. This could be very frustrating especially for those who do not understand what is going on.

This is the procedure on how to delist from ZapBL. As you can observe, it is not a small procedure. At times, it needs a novice to be able to handle it for you if you are a layman. All this is in the name of communication.

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