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What are Email Blacklists?

Email blacklists are databases of IP addresses known or even believed to be a source of spam and may include ‘innocent’ servers. These blacklists are maintained by many organizations, companies and even individuals and ISPs generally consult these databases to prevent spam. If your server happens to be in one or more of these lists, the emails you send may get bounced, silently dropped, routed to the spam folder or even never make it to the recipient.

How did I get infected?

You may have come here wondering how your email server found its way into the email blacklist, but deliberately sending spam emails isn’t the only reason behind it. There are a number of things that can cause your mail server to get blacklisted, including misconfigured DNS and active exploitation by ‘bad guys’.
Hacked websites are the number one reason behind landing on email blacklists, followed by poor passwords and server misconfigurations. You may be in for a big surprise if you think that only spammers get blacklisted. Your server may be home to software that can easily be exploited or is infected and forced to send spam emails without you knowing about it. It’s easier to get off these blacklists if you act quickly, but if you don’t, email service providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc. may soon start to block your emails.

How can we help?

We have successfully resolved hundreds of blacklist issues for our valued clients because we know how the whole system really works. We never take shortcuts and focus on the underlying causes to address the issues. Whether you are already facing an issue or trying to be proactive, you have come to the right place. Backlist maintainers won’t alert you about inclusion of your mail server into their spam database. This makes it important to be proactive and stay ahead of the curve. Instead of waiting for your customers to tell about their email issues, it’s better to be proactive and remedy the issue before it’s too late.

How we do it?

Getting a mail server off a blacklist requires attention to detail and that’s exactly what we are very good at. Our professional and recognized services can help you get your email flowing again and here is how we do it:


The first step involves thoroughly checking the email history of your server, its reputation, DNS configuration and other logs to determine the actual reason. Additional malware scans and logging is carried out in case we suspect that the issue was triggered by a website exploit.


Once we have determined the root cause(s) of the problem, we proceed to fixing it by taking appropriate steps. Most cases related to user compromises would only require you to change the password, but in case of server configuration errors, we apply the best possible configuration. Although it may not always be possible for us to fix web app issues for you, we can certainly update you when we find such an exploit. We can also block scripts on a temporary basis when needed, providing you with time to apply a security fix.


We follow the strategy ‘prevention is better than cure’ and when needed, can adjust server configuration to minimize the chances of getting blacklisted again. Sending other recommendations on how to minimize the odds of getting blacklisted again is also part of the deal. Most of our clients who followed the guidelines and actively took preventive measures never got blacklisted again.


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