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How To Delist From abuse.ro

In many businesses in today’s world, it’s essential to be able to deliver messages to a wide audience with the most convenience, and at a reasonable price. One of the cheapest ways to do this is via emails. With emails, we can reach millions of people who could be our clients, potential clients, students or subscribers. Many businesses today rely on newsletters and bulk mails sent to mailbox users. Disruption of these mails can be costly to these businesses.

Unfortunately, these disruptions can occur. There are several reasons why this can happen but one of the most common reasons is a block by a program linked to the target mailbox. These programs are designed to shield mailboxes from receiving mails from sources that are reputed to send spam mails or mails that behave like spam. Some of these programs include Spamhaus, 0spam and abuse.ro. abuse.ro can be used to block mails from reaching their targets if it is suspected to be spam mails or behave like spam mails. It basically runs a list that store IPs and domains known for abusing email delivery services, and this list can be programmed to block your mails if desired.

If your domain or IP address is on the list, you probably need to get out fast because of its likelihood to cost you revenue from clients, and your previously enjoyed convenience of easy spread of newletters. You need to learn how to delist from abuse.ro in order to continue having hitch-free delivery of your mails.

But before we look at how to delist from abuse.ro, let us first examine what abuse.ro is all about.

What Is abuse.ro?

Abuse.ro is basically a database that store the reputation value of IPs and domains that deliver mails. It does not necessarily block emails. It only provides mailbox service providers and users a list of IP addresses and domains it considers probable sources of spam. The decision to use that information to block mails rest on the email service providers or server operators.

How Does abuse.ro Work?

Abuse.ro depend on obscure emails known only to the organization to identify sources of spam. These emails are known as spamtraps. Spamtraps are email addresses that are created by organizations such as Spamhaus and abuse.ro to lure spam. They are not created for communication. They are typically published in such a way that it won’t invite any mails from legitimate sources. They are also hidden in such a way that it can only typically be discovered by an automated email address harvester – which is usually used by spammers. Having been discovered by the spammers, they sooner or later begin to receive mails.

According to abuse.ro policy, any such email is unsolicited and is therefore classified as spam.

What Happens After Spam Gets Into One of abuse.ro’s Spamtraps?

When spam gets into one of abuse.ro’s spamtraps, the source IP address or domain name will be added to one of their lists in realtime. Abuse.ro publish the realtime lists in two categories which are based on the IP addresses and the domain name. Two lists are published under the IP address category and they are the rbl.abuse.ro list and the pbl.abuse.ro list. The rbl.abuse.ro display IP addresses that send spam while the pbl.abuse.ro is for residential IPs that commit the same offence.

The domain category also has two lists which are the uribl.abuse.ro which displays spamvertized domains and dbl.abuse.ro which displays spam-sending domains.

Based on the spam activity levels and suspiciousness of a domain/IP address, abuse.ro return the following DNS responses:

         List Response Description  Recommended action
rbl.abuse.ro spam-sending IP  reject message
rbl.abuse.ro abused or infected IP  reject message
rbl.abuse.ro spam-sending class  reject message
pbl.abuse.ro residential end-user IP block  analyze further
uribl.abuse.ro heavily spammed domain  set spam score to high value
uribl.abuse.ro spamvertized domain  set spam score to a moderate value
uribl.abuse.ro dynamic domain set spam score to a low- moderate value

Can abuse.ro Be Used To Block Mails?

abuse.ro is not designed to block mails but can be used to block mails by configuring the email server to take certain actions based on the DNS listings or response codes.

Below is a simple code to do an IP verification and reject emails from sources with rbl.abuse.ro or pbl.abuse.ro listings:

smtpd_recipient_restrictions =

reject_rbl_client rbl.abuse.ro,
reject_rbl_client pbl.abuse.ro,

In the above example, abuse.ro will be used to block mails with the rbl.abuse.ro and pbl.abuse.ro listings.

If the intention is to block email messages based on the response codes, here is simple example of a code that’ll do it:

smtpd_recipient_restrictions =

reject_rbl_client rbl.abuse.ro=127.0.0.[2..3],

In the above example, mails from the listed IPs at rbl.abuse.ro (code and will be rejected but not the ones from the network (code

What Can Cause a Domain/IP To Get Listed On abuse.ro?

  1. If a message is captured in a spamtrap set by abuse.ro, the sending host is listed. In the case of a shared host, there could be a warning to cut off sources of spam before the listing.
  2. If an operator has a reputation of supporting spam, it is usually listed.
  3. IP addresses which appear to be related to likely sources of similar spam are listed.
  4. Spamvertized domains and IPs are listed.

How To Delist From abuse.ro

Now you know what abuse.ro is and how you can get on the list, it’s time to learn how to delist from abuse.ro. The following steps are how to delist from abuse.ro:

  • Ensure that all spam flow has actually stopped
  • Ensure that support services such as web hosting for spammers are stopped. If this is not done, it will delay the delisting
  • abuse.ro may ask for evidence that all spam including from supported IPs have stopped
  • You may be required to send a response to a confirmation message in order to verify the address

After you’ve done all these, you’re on your way to being delisted from abuse.ro.

What Next?

Knowing how to delist from abuse.ro doesn’t mean you have a pass to use your mail server as you please. Repeat offending gives a bad reputation and can lead to arbitrary listings. You must take the following steps in order to avoid any more listings in future:

  • Stop sending spam
  • If you run a newsletter/emailing service, you should verify that your users are confirmed and active
  • If you have a standalone server, verify you are not purchasing email lists. This is how you are most likely to be listed
  • If you provide email service to unverified users, you should limit sending to more than 200 emails a day in order to prevent abuse and listing
  • Always scan your computers and servers for malware before sending any mails
  • Use a professional to maintain your systems in order to avoid future technical issues which may make your IP address or domain behave like it contains malware

If you do all these, you probably wouldn’t have to worry about how to delist from abuse.ro anytime soon.
Happy delisting ??

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