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Blacklisting is one of the significant problems facing IP address users all over the world. IP addresses can be blocked for the slightest of reasons, even the ones that are unknown to the user. Nobody wants their IP address to be blocked or reported as a scam. It is really an ugly experience, and it must be avoided at all costs. Imagine sending a mail to a business associate or family member, only to be told that the mail cannot be sent due to reasons you may not know about. It could lead to losses in business or even create strains in family bonds. This article how to delist from HIL will give an insight into what to expect when the IP address is blocked and how to solve it.

HIL could block your IP address for several reasons, and none is pleasant to the owner of such an IP address. Blocking an IP address simply means the owner is no longer able to send or receive mails on that particular IP address. It may be very discomforting, and there is a lot of stress to go with it. However, all hope is not lost if your IP address is blacklisted on HIL as there is a solution. This article how to delist from HIL maybe that solution.

What is HIL?

Habeas Infringer List (HIL) is a global network that makes a list of IP addresses that violate the intellectual property of Habeas. The site was founded in the year 2002 and is tasked with the provision of email intelligence to thousands of email networks. It also supplies email intelligence to many ISPs in a large number of countries. It is also prevalent and one of the most efficient in spotting spam emails and fraudulent IP addresses.

Since people do more with emails than the conventional letters, there is always a chance that fraudulent activities will be involved. The advancement of technology comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Cyber fraudsters now see emailing as an avenue to defraud people since almost everything is done online.

HIL acts as a checker that deals with these kinds of fraudulent activities by detecting and flagging them so that the relevant authorities can take note. Before it is flagged as a false IP address, there is a cautious observation to avoid flagging and blocking the wrong IP address. This is done for the safety of email users.

There may be specific reasons that cause blacklisting on HIL. Malware or virus are the usual suspects, and HIL always tends to take preventive measures. If the IP address is not on the blacklist of HIL, it will definitely be on the whitelist. The best way HIL deals with a fraudulent IP address is preventing their mails from being sent until measures are taken to restore the affected IP address to the whitelist.

Why did my IP address get blacklisted on HIL?

Whenever an IP address is blacklisted, here should be no panic. The first thing to cross the mind is why it got blocked. An answer to this question will prevent it from happening again, so it is always advised that this question is answered first. The reasons for blacklisting IP addresses is dependent on the particular site. E.g., HostKarma Black may have different reasons for blocking sites, and the reasons may or may not be relevant to HIL. However, some of the reasons IP addresses are blacklisted are stated below:

  1. Spam activities: Sending unsolicited messages that may include advertising using a message system or sending messages over and over again to a particular website is called spam. Email spam is the most likely spam form, but there may be other spams.
  2. Phishing: can be seen as any fraudulent attempt to get sensitive details from individuals by disguising as a legitimate entity. These sensitive details may include credit card information, passwords, and usernames, etc. It works on the principle of directing users to a fake website that demands information that may be sensitive.
  3. The use of vulnerable plugins, libraries, and components: When these components are used, HIL may sense some foul play and block the IP addresses. These components are known to have little or no security, which may be an indication that it has been hacked. Sending a mail through an IP address with this kind of vulnerability makes it look like a fraudulent act.
  4. Detection of malware or unsolicited downloads of contents from the internet: Malwares or viruses have an unusual behavior of forcing downloads from the internet using IP addresses. It could also force the establishment of connections with other IP addresses in a bid to corrupt them. HIL monitors these activities, and when the intentions are undeniable, there is no other choice but to block the IP address to prevent it from harming or infecting other computers.

After checking all these reasons, proceed to how to delist from HIL.

Is it possible to get back my IP address after it has been blocked?

It is possible to get back your IP address as long as you had no intention to get your IP address blocked. The other solution of getting another IP address is possible but not always suitable because an IP address must have been blocked for a particular reason, and solving it would prevent another IP address from being blocked for the same reason. In other words, if you find your IP address blocked, you should always find out how to delist from HIL.

Now how to delist from HIL should be the last question on the mind of a blocked IP address user. Finding out the status of the IP address before taking action will be crucial. Many engines check if an IP address has been blocked. A few of them are Google safe browsing, Blacklist by MX Toolbox, Hetrix Tools, Black List Alert, MultiRBlL, to mention but a few. After confirmation, the next thing to do is either manually send a request to the respective authorities to delist your IP address or hire a professional to get the job done. After the processes, you will be free to use your IP address again.

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