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How to delist from LASHBACK

The LASHBACK unsubscribe blacklist (UBL) and its role in email marketing

Have been exposed or encountered a directory harvesting attack? If not, kindly not that they are on the way and you need sufficient protection as soon as possible. Locations within a computer where files are stored are basically what we are referring to us directories here. They are otherwise known as folders in the graphic user interface (GUI). Directory harvesting attack however has a slightly different meaning in computing and especially when it comes to spam related emails. We explore in great details this aspect in this article in relation to LASHBACK and how to delist from LASHBACK.

Directory harvest attack

In order to get a general understanding of what a directory harvest attack is, we need to know what a dictionary attack is. The two terms are almost similar and it is common for someone to confuse between the two. A dictionary attack is most commonly used in computer security environments and in analyzing crypts. It refers to some act of using forced attack to decode a cipher or an encryption. The attacks are carried out so many times so that they are increased chances of success. A directory harvesting attack (DHA) on the other hand is a way in which spammers try to get a valid email address at a certain domain. So they basically employ the dictionary attack process and this is how this two terms interact.


LASHBACK comes into play only when they think that someone has had a directory harvest attacks on a server and therefore is an important tool to protect email as well as other internet users. Possible directory harvest attacks come about when someone tries to use or actually uses a server to send emails that have unsubscribe probe traffic content or the emails send misleading information with someone pretending to be someone else. This computer crime is referred to as phishing. How to delist from LASHBACK therefore explores this role of LASHBACK in such kinds of crimes and will depend on a large extend how one internalizes this role.

How unique is LASHBACK

As you are aware, there are hundreds other spam-based blacklist and each have their own way of operating. LASHBACK has also its unique mechanism that makes it stand out among these many platforms. It’s good that one gets to know this small differences since with the highly increasing spam-based crimes, you may find yourself listed and you may wonder where to actually begin leave alone how to delist from LASHBACK. Some of the thing that make LASHBACK unique include:

  • Kinds of listings
    LASHBACK blacklists IP addresses and not domain names like most other platforms. These IP addresses must have been involved in sending emails with intention of a directory harvest attack.
  • How listings are made
    The listings are done objectively and systemically. This just implies that LASHBACK only lists IPs involved in sharing emails to their own monitored email addresses. These email addresses are called unsubscribe probe and are used on suppression list.

What is good about LASHBACK?

LASHBACK has been in existence for almost ten years now and what it has left behind tells it all. Several companies and organization like this platform and this is exactly why it has grown so strategically so as not to disappoint its clients. how to delist from LASHBACK also comes in strongly when you get to know why so many people love it. Several factors contribute this good record kept by LASHBACK. These may include:

  1. It is very cheap and affordable
    The fact that LASHBACK is very cheap yet offers high quality services attracts many organizations. In fact the organizations once they subscribe are required to pay absolutely nothing. They only charge a fee to those who are listed repeatedly which is also another way to discourage intentional spam email sending since it will be expensive in the long run.
  2. It maintains reputation and email delivery
    LASHBACK goes a long way in ensuring that you maintain your reputation as an organization when it comes to email delivery. This is because LASHBACK exists to ensure that there are best practices in email delivery and in fact they are not concerned so much about income. They purely understand why you as an organization require a good reputation when delivering your emails to your clients. Have this important concept at finger tips so that when you are blacklisted, how to delist will from LASHBACK be determined by how you handle this aspect.

How LASHBACK handles IP addresses

A blacklisted IP address means like already said it had been involved in sending a harvested email address put in place by LASHBACK. How your IP is handled is determined by the number of times you have blacklisted, how expensive it is going to be and generally how to delist from LASHBACK is going to be whether it will be troublesome or not. Some people often intentionally use their IP addresses to send those emails in others, it may just be something to do with their server security. All of these individuals are however listed without preference since LASHBACK has no way of determining whether someone is doing it intentionally or they have security concerns that they need to resolve as urgently as possible. This is the reason why in my opinion why the first time removal of your IP address from LASHBACK databases is going to be free. These platform somehow know that intentional spam email senders will repeatedly send other spam and therefore will charge a fee once they enlist an IP address more than once.

What happens if I don’t remove my IP address?

Well this depends on whether you do send other spam emails to their harvest email address again or not. If one does not send such emails at all and does not delist, then rest assured that your IP address will automatically delist from LASHBACK databases in about a month or so. They however encourage such people to have strong security systems to avoid any such incidences because it may prove costly and time consuming to remove the IP addresses after it is blacklisted for the second time. Those who repeatedly send spam are bound to long time enlistment and are required to pay every time their IP addresses fall in their databases.

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