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How to delist from MailBlacklist

How to Delist from Mail Blacklist

There are more and more people and businesses getting their mail blacklisted nowadays, there are many reasons for this. The question right now is how to delist from MailBlacklist, and I’m here to help you explain how can you can go about. In the process I’ll also tell you reasons why you could have been blacklisted and how to prevent it from occurring again.

What exactly is a Mail Blacklist?

A mail blacklist is real-time(active) list that monitors and finds domains or IP addresses that send a lot of spam mail. Their used by anti-spam vendors, mailbox providers, internet services providers and other such organizations in order to prevent spam mails from entering their systems.

Mail Blacklists are not all the same, depending on which mail blacklist you’ve been listed the process for delisting from the blacklist can get much tougher. There are many blacklist services and before you ask how to delist from MailBlacklist you should first find out on which blacklist you’ve been listed. The following are some of the more prominent Blacklists:

  • Spamhaus Block List (SBL)
  • Passive Spam Block List (PSBL)
  • SenderScore
  • Composite Blocking List (CBL)
  • XBL Exploits Block List
  • Invaluement
  • Spamcop

Note: spam mail does not only mean mail that is harmful or malicious, it is any mail that was not signed up for or is not wanted.

Causes for being listed in a Mail Blacklist

You reading this tells me that you’ve likely been blacklisted or why else would you want to know How to delist from MailBlacklist. Considering that your already on a blacklist you should know what caused you being blacklisted, and if you don’t then you can just check some of the causes below so as to know what you did wrong.

  1. A sudden increase in subscribers: A normal email marketing service will grow their list of subscribers over time. If the number of subscribers of a list goes up rapidly over a short time then most email service providers and internet service providers will assume the list has been bought.
  2. Spam complaints: If the people who receive your email constantly save it as spam mail then this will lead to your internet service provider believing your email content I bad or harmful.
  3. Policy: There are cases were entire countries and even internet service providers get blacklisted, it may simply be a case of your domain being under the affected regions.
  4. Content of your mails: There are certain phrases or words that can usually be found in spam mails, if your Mails contain such examples then there’s a high chance that you get blacklisted.

How to exit from a Mail Blacklist

We’ve finally gotten to the main question, how to delist from MailBlacklist. As I mentioned previously the process of delisting your name from a mail blacklist depends a lot on the blacklist on which you’ve been listed. Here are some of the methods you can use:

  1. If your using an email service provider then just contact them and they’ll let you know how to fix the problem.
  2. Contact the list on which you’ve been Blacklisted about being removed from their list, this mostly works for smaller blacklists.
  3. If your listed on a major blacklist then just check their website, information will be there on how to delist from their blacklist.

The main step for delisting from a mail Blacklist is to know on which blacklists your listed.

How to Know if You’ve Been Blacklisted

There’s no point in knowing how to delist from MailBlacklist if you can’t even know when you’ve been blacklisted. And finding out you’re a blacklist doesn’t mean anything, if your involved in any form of email marketing there’s a chance you’ll likely be on at least one blacklist.

The process of knowing if you’re on a blacklist is very simple, there are countless online tools that can help you check, just search for one online. The tool or website will have access to a large database of blacklists and will help you run your email through them to determine if your present on any.

Prevention is better than the cure

If you’re not currently on a blacklist then you don’t need to know how to delist from MailBlacklist, then what you need to know is how to prevent it. Its best for your business if you don’t get on a blacklist at all. Here are some of the ways by which you can prevent getting blacklisted:

  1. Do not purchase lists: Make sure the people on your email list are legit and still subscribing. Most bought lists are usually filled with spam complaints and it’s advisable that you remove subscribers that have been inactive for a long period of time.
  2. Check your mail content: Always send mail that your subscribers want and will find interesting. If your sending things they don’t like you might start getting spam complaints. Also, don’t send mail too frequently, if you do, you might have problems with delivery.
  3. Sort your subscribers into separate lists: This helps you ensure that your sending the right email to the right person, you don’t want to end up sending unrelated email that might result in a spam complaint.

Types of Blacklists

Blacklists aren’t all the same, and before you know how to delist from MailBlacklist its better to first know on which type of blacklist you’ve been listed.

There are 3 general types:

  • Public Blacklists
  • Private Blacklists: These are blacklists personally owned by an internet service provider.
  • Enterprise SPAM Firewalls: These are usually used by IT departments of corporations.

Why would I want to delist from a blacklist?

There are honestly too many reasons to mention, and I’m sure you already have one if your reading on how to delist from MailBlacklist. I’ll just list a few of the major reasons:

  • Being on a blacklist affects your business negatively
  • Your mail won’t reach your subscribers
  • Your mail can get blocked

Final Words

There’s no need to panic if you’re on a blacklist, from reading this you should already understand how easy it easy to remove your mail from one, all you had to do was search for how to delist from MailBlacklist online and now you know how. But as I’ve said its much better to prevent it from happening again, so make sure you properly manage your email services.

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